Discovering The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker For You: The 5 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Best Single Cup Coffee MakerThe basic concepts of a single serve mechanism: The best single serve coffee maker was introduced in the highly innovative period of 1990s. With the help of these brewing systems that existed in all of the many coffee makers, the users tended to solve the problem of brewing more coffee than they could consume.  When excess coffee is exactly put on the pad that is used for the purposes of heating, we see that there may be two cases that people can suffer from.

Why should you use a single serve coffee maker Savoring the great taste of a homemade coffee?

If this actually happens, the coffee will tend to have a really burnt taste when consumed. In this case we see that you will actually have to drink the coffee with your entire eyes closed. However, we see that nothing will ever possibly beat the taste that is achieved with the freshly brewed coffee.

When it comes to the best single serve coffee maker, we see that two of them are really quite well branded and also widely available in the market. The first is the mainly used drip maker system of coffee that makes the use of pods while on the other hand we also have the single serve process of brewing coffee system.

The Top 5 Single Serve Coffee Makers Available For You

  1. Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System
  2. Keurig New Elite Single Cup Coffee Brewer
  3. Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker
  4. Hamilton Beach 49980Z Two Way Brewer Single Serve
  5. Keurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing System

A proper comparison of the products that are going to be reviewed will really give a great idea regarding what you should be really buying. Here is a comparison table providing a proper blow-by-blow analysis with parameters of price, weight, dimensions, features and others to be considered when choosing the best:-

Comparison table for the 5 best single serve coffee brewing systems briefly reviewed below

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1. Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System

This is one of the best single cup coffee maker and brewing system. This entire arrangement also comes with the complete Best Single Cup CoBest Single Serve Coffee Maker ffee Makerpresence of K-cups as well. The K-cups that are included are also quite patented in nature. The control panel that has been incorporated in this system is entirely of one touch category.

Essential features of this brewing system:-

  • Consists of a proper LCD display that has a complete blue backlit system incorporated in it.
  • This arrangement consists of a complete digital clock used in it.
  • The on off mechanism in this device is programmable in nature and the brewing system comes with 5 size options that are exclusively available in the modern market.
  • Water reservoir that comes with this system is actually of 72 ounce category.
  • It actually has 12 cup designs in it and the platinum brewing system comes with an extra Water Filter Kit for added benefits.

The brew temperature that has been seen in the device is adjustable in nature. The drip tray that comes with the device is actually quite removable in nature.

This is also of the blue-lit removable in nature. The indicator with this brewing system is descaled in category. The parts that are incorporated in this system are quite dishwasher safe. The K-cup pack comes with a large number of varieties.

This model has the capability to provide a lot of beverages. These include iced beverages, tea, the hot cocoa that is loved by all, and various options for coffee drinkers.

It needs to be seen that each and every one of these drinks can be easily provided at a touch of a simple button. With the help of this device, you can also set up customized capacity that may range between 4oz, 6oz to as much as 10 to 12oz varieties.

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2. Keurig New Elite Single Cup Coffee BrewerKeurig New Elite Single Cup Coffee Brewer review

Like most of the other models from Keurig, this model also comes with a proper collection of 12 cups of many different varieties. This brewer can also be shut down simply after a time of about 2 hours and that too in the automatic manner.

The features of this device are as follows:-

  • The water reservoir that comes with this model also comes with a removable 48oz category in it.
  • This entire arrangement has the capability of completely brewing up capacities like that of 6, 8 or even 10oz cups in just a matter of seconds.
  • Use of Quiet-flow technology that prevents the production of unnecessary sound as seen in many of the rival coffee brewers available in the market.

There are many coffee brewers that actually make a large amount of sound. Unlike many of the other versions from the same company, we see that this version incorporates a size option that can be easily adjusted without problems at all. One also does not need to fill each and every cup with water every time they want to fill it up. This is completely handled by the reservoir that comes with this brewer.

The drip tray that comes with this device also has the complete functionality of allowing for larger mugs for people who enjoy their coffee king size. Like other devices, this device also comes with the presence of many types of pros and cons that can only be said by an experienced buyer in the market.

The brew that is made with this system has a really proper consistency in it. There is a certain convenience that can be easily found while you are using this system. It is easy and also quite simple to use and at the same time it makes a really small mess.

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3. Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee MakerHamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker review

With the help of this brewing system of coffee, you can easily make any sort of ground coffee with just the usage of a single brewing process. When using this complete device you can easily scoop any sort of ground coffee that you have and at the same time you can also properly brew it without any trouble at all.

The complete features of the device:-

  • This is a system that really allows for the capacity of about 14oz.
  • This can be easily packed into a travel or a coffee mug.
  • The construction that comes with this device has a complete stainless steel framework for the best usage.

These sorts of mugs also come with the availability of a stand for easy benefits.

This device is really easy to use and comes with a simple weight of about 7 pounds in totality. This is a coffee maker that has the capability of making coffee better tasting and also better flavored than any other sort of gourmet machines that can be used. The preparation that can be done from this sort of a machine is simple and easy at the same time. The steps that come with the preparation of the coffee are easy.

All that is required is scooping, placing and then brewing it with ease. The device has a sieve like feature that comes in the presence of a steel mesh category scoop. With this the freshly ground coffee can be filtered without problems at all.

There are many types of coffee qualities and also of many features and blends that can be easily brewed. Flavors like that of chocolate, vanilla and also hazelnut can be brewed with its system. With the balance in flavor and also the blending nature, this is a great coffee maker with great utilities.

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4. Hamilton Beach 49980Z Two Way Brewer Single ServeHamilton Beach 49980Z Two Way Brewer Single Serve review

In the Hamilton coffee brewer of this nature, we can see that the coffee can be easily brewed in two of the distinct ways. These are the ways of single serve as well as full pot.

The essential features of this device

  • A glass carafe of the 12 glass nature is provided with this device.
  • With a programmable timer and also the presence of a backlit LCD, this is a device that really provides an ease of access.
  • The device comes with the presence of a pod holder which allows for the purposes of holding soft pods into a single serve basket.

With the help of this, the coffee can be easily brewed into a proper sized mug that is provided. This is a brewing system that only makes the usage of ground coffee.

The ground coffee is also filtered in a simple manner. The scoop measures are quite unique and at the same time it will provide the perfect cup every time you are using it. The strength function that comes with the brew can be easily used and also at the same time. This comes with a fully programmable option and also has the automatic options for shut off and on.

The stainless steel construction that is used in the device is quite sturdy as well as the time rigid in nature. Compared to the other devices of this category, it can be seen that this device will actually weighs around 11 pounds in total.

When you are looking for a coffee maker that is really affordable and at the same time requires quite low maintenance, then this is the option that you must be looking for. When you need to brew regular as well as bold coffee, this device will be quite more than ideal for it.

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5. Keurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing SystemKeurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing System review

This is a coffee brewing system that is really quite well designed and also well featured for an office. People, who are busy in the office 24hours a day, will really like the way easy way in which they can get a cup of coffee from this device.

Essential features of the device:-

  • There are 3 brewing options that really come in size are 6, 8 and also 10 ounce categories.
  • The water reservoir that comes with the device is really quite large at the size of about 48 ounces.
  • The system comes with an energy saving method that works in a really automatic manner.
  • The fast, effective and also the high response category of this brewer makes it a really ideal device in the market.

It is also quite removable that makes it quite easy to use at the same time. The heating and also the brewing process can easily start in the matter of one minute. The device also includes an internal tank for purposes of hot water storage. The K-cup option that comes with this device comes in the exact trial pack option.

This is a device that really weighs a little heavy at about 16 pounds approximate. A certain con about this device is that it does tend to hum and also buzz for some time which could be a certain nuisance for some. With the warranty and also the pricing of this product, one can buy this brewer in for many locations.

This is best suited in the office, but one can also use it at his home as a compact coffee brewing option. The intensity as well as the blend that comes with this coffee maker is perfect and at the same time it leaves enough space available for cream as well as sugar.

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Things to look out for in the best coffee brewer:-

When looking for a proper coffee brewer of the single serve nature, you should be taking a look at the many deciding factors of a good coffee machine:

  • The coffee maker should come with a water reservoir that really facilitates the heating and storage of water.
  • A properly programmable digital display that really makes the work quite easier for the drinker and ensures an ease of access.
  • A proper maintenance of sound free option. One does not require a coffee brewer which when running will draw complaints from the neighbors. Choose one that has a low sound output.
  • The build quality and material should always be checked. A stainless steel construction is always preferred but a sturdy plastic should never be ignored.


The Best Pick

Of all the 5 products reviewed here, the optimum coffee brewer should be the Hamilton Beach 49980Z Two Way Brewer Single Serve. This is a product that mainly covers all of the above mentioned requirements. On top of that it is really quite lightweight at about 11 pounds that makes it quite portable. You can get it on

The Best Performer

Undoubtedly the best performer is also the one that comes with the highest price, the Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System. The LCD backlit display in this device is really an example of a pinnacle in technology. The huge 72 ounce water reservoir is also a really great addition in this device.

All of these K-cups can be used for brewing and also allows for the mixing of any sort of flavors available. With the help of such a device, there are many different things that you never ever have to think of.

When you have had quite a messy coffee experience in the past, you can easily switch to the best single cup coffee maker that completely free from any such nuisances. The K-cups can be easily used when required and after it has been properly used, it can be simply discarded without any hassle.

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